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Diploma in Sports Massage


During the course you will be guided on all aspects of functional anatomy, physiology, and how to recognize common sports abnormalities. For the practical training you will learn skills and techniques that will enable you to plan, prepare, and apply sports massage therapy to prevent injury and improve performance.

Highlights of the courses are:

  • Postural & Gait Assessments
  • All the techniques are explained detailed
  • Red flags are explained in detail

The course is designed to be flexible. Visit a single page, complete individual modules or finish the entire course. The choice is yours.

This course is designed to be flexible and used in several different ways. You can choose to read a single page, complete a module or complete all 35 modules.

After Completing all the modules, lessons, quizzes the participants will receive Online Diploma in Sports Massage certificates. And optional onsite internships (4 weeks) recommended at Enliven venues. After Completing the internship all the participants will receive Diploma in Sports Massage certificates.

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Level: Medium
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