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We offer individual & group in-house ergonomic workstation assessments to comply with the latest regulations. The individualized ergonomic workstation assessment & report will include:

  • Workstation height Assessment
  • Individual Body Mass Index
  • Neck and seat postures
  • Correct viewing distance to monitor
    Computer displays settings (recommendations on preventing and improving visual strain) monitor positioning, viewing angle, lighting conditions
  • Evaluation of room to operate and manipulate work equipment (e.g. clearances for writing, typing and other user specific tasks)
  • Sitting at work (including ergonomically sound adjustments of seats and recommendation on use or equipment such as seat cushions and lumbar supports)
  • Recommendations on use of ergonomic equipment (if required)
  • Recommendations on general workstation layout
  • Recommendations on lighting, illumination


“Ergonomics is “the fit between people, the activities they wish to carry out, the tools, machines and systems they use to aid them and the environments in which they are performed”

– Ergonomics Society



Why Ergonomics?

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A stone-age human in an environment using a flint stone as a knife could modify the shape of the stone fitting the hand and task. Today, a product might be designed in one country, manufactured in the second country, purchased by a wholesaler (buyer) in the third country and used by a customer in the fourth country. The designer might not know who are the end users and the buyer cannot influence the design of the product. Ergonomics is the only link between these four actors. It is particularly important in the current situation because of the:

  • Complexity of modern industry, equipment and tasks
  • Time and space barriers between designers and users
  • A whole range of user population (male, female, elderly) from many different cultures


The scope of Ergonomics is extremely wide and is not limited to any particular industry or application. Ergonomics comes into everything which involves people. Work systems, sports and leisure, health and safety should all embody ergonomics principles if well designed.

The aim of ergonomics is to enhance and preserve human health and satisfaction and to optimize the human performance in a system perspective.

Ergonomics is concerned with both employees’ well-being as well as organization well-being.


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