Online Speech Therapy / Teletherapy?

  Teletherapy / Online speech therapy is provided by using secure video conferencing technology. During the interactive therapy session, the therapist and the student can see and hear each other in real time. Teletherapy can also be pre-recorded. All you need is a reliable internet connection, a computer/ Tab, and a webcam.   At Enliven Therapy Centre, we use zoom/skype as a platform to deliver online Therapy services.


  • You can receive teletherapy from the comfort of your home.
  • Effective without compromising safety of child in this pandemic (covid-19).         
  • It can be solution for busy parents and individuals who live far from therapy centre.
  • It is fun, versatile and a time saver.
  • Many children respond well to teletherapy because using technology can be very motivating.
  • There are plenty of great online resources and can be chosen according to the child’s age, goals, and interests.


  • Vocabulary
  • Speech sounds
  • Following direction
  • Understanding concepts
  • Formulating sentences
  • Grammar
  • Social language
  • Social problem solving
  • Stuttering
  • Reading and writing
  • Reading comprehension
  • And many more….  


  • Is Teletherapy just as good as traditional therapy?                   

   Yes! Studies have proven that Teletherapy is as good as in-person therapy.

  • Is my child too young for Teletherapy?                                              

 We provide a lot of parent education and modelling. During your session, an SLP will guide you while you participate in speech therapy activities with your child.                                                                                        

  • How often is teletherapy provided?

The frequency and duration is determined based on the family and client need. Typically, children that are four years and younger benefit from shorter and more therapy session.

  • Will my child be exposed to too much of screen time?

No! During the therapy session your child is engaged in meaningful interaction with their therapist whereas, passive screen time do not interact with or respond to children.


It does not matter whether you stay near or far, if you need the best of your child, we are there for you. We can help to coach and support you (in addition to your children). We are connected to providing the best possible care for our clients and now is a time when they need us most.                                    

Talk to our therapist to find out if teletherapy is a good fit for your child!